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What cibervoluntarios offers you

You will be able to manage your volunteer time as you wish, you only commit when you join an activity to participate, not earlier. We adapt to you. Through our activities, we offer you the possibility of assisting many people in acquiring digital skills. Help us achieve a more inclusive, open, participatory and egalitarian society.

You can help create social impact in your community!

You promote participation

You promote participation

New opportunities for many people to make the most out of technology

You generate collaboration

You generate collaboration

you can create your own activities or join existing ones collaboratively

Social Entrepreneurship

Social Entrepreneurship

You are joining a community of social entrepreneurs that develops local and global impacts

Manage your activities

The key lies in the online management tool provided by Cibervoluntarios Foundation. Register and you will be able to access your profile, where you can join proposed activities or create your own.

Experiences from our cybervolunteers

Learn about experiences from cybervolunteers who help build a more inclusive, open and participatory society.