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Aral Balkan, Social Justice in the Digital Era #Empoderalive2017

According to Aral Balkan, we, the humans of the information society , are cyborgs since we use new technologies as an extensión of both our biology and minds. And he is here to remind us that our cyborg condition shouldn’t make us renounce of the rights that belong to us as humans.

Aral Balkan is a designer, developer and activist, member of the DIEM 25’s advisory panel, where he works drafting a new progressive tech policy for a democratic Europe. Furthermore, he’s one of the founders of Ind.ie, a social enterprise working for justice in the digital age. He is the author of the web privacy tool Better and the Ethical Design Manifesto. Aral thinks that we should be aware of our digital self if we intend to preserve our rights  and live in a truly democratic society.

Follow the project: cyborgrights.eu

Follow him: @aral

More info: ar.al