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#EmpoderaxlosODS 2018: Official Video

The XII Edition of #EmpoderaLIVE addressed the Topic of the Sustainable Development Goals to achieve the 2030 Agenda. The event, an initiative of the Cibervoluntarios Foundation with the support of the City of Malaga, the United Nations Institute for Vocational Training and Research ( UNITAR) and Cifal Málaga, had the special participation of one of the fathers of the 2030 Agenda, Nikhil Seth, Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations, and Executive Director of UNITAR.

Bas van Abel, Founder of Fairphone, sustainable, ethical and open technology, #Empodera LIVE 2017

Bas has developed a wide range of open design based projects. One of those projects is Fairphone, founded by him, the first mobile firm ethical with both environment and people. Their mobile phones are more sustainable, the materials used don’t come from conflict zones and they ensure and respect labour rights.  Furthermore, they offer a modular design that prevents obsolescency and allows a progressive improvement through the renovation of parts.


Hassani Brothers and Mine Kafon: the power of creativity to save lives

Brothers Massoud and Mahmud Hassani lived their childhood in Kabul knowing that one single slip could turn them into one of the almost 20.000 victims that lose their lives every year because of the landmines, like some of their friends.

Several years later, after settling in the Netherlands as refugees, they began the development of Mine Kafon, a project that has been perfected until becoming a sophisticated drone designed to track down and neutralize  the landmine threat, much safer, faster and cheaper than the current methods.

Since its creation, Mine Kafon has gathered high levels of international attention, specially from those countries afflicted by this problem, like their native Afghanistan.

Follow the project: @minekafonlab

Follow them: @massoudhassani

More info: minekafon.org