Nieves Cubo, "eHealth: Open Bioprinting" #EmpoderaLIVE 2017

Researcher, craftswoman and everlasting student. She got her graduated in Industrial Electronics and Automation from the UC3M in 2013. She continued studying in this institution, specializing with a master’s degree in Materials Science and Engineering.

She stayed there as a researcher assistant in the Tissue Engineering area from the Bioengineering and Aerospace Engineering Department, where she made her research about human tissue printing within the Regenerative Medicine and 3D printing frame.


Bas van Abel, Founder of Fairphone, sustainable, ethical and open technology, #Empodera LIVE 2017

Bas has developed a wide range of open design based projects. One of those projects is Fairphone, founded by him, the first mobile firm ethical with both environment and people. Their mobile phones are more sustainable, the materials used don’t come from conflict zones and they ensure and respect labour rights.  Furthermore, they offer a modular design that prevents obsolescency and allows a progressive improvement through the renovation of parts.