Innovative Women in ICT: Nerea Luis, co-Founder of t3chfest

Do not miss this interview with Nerea Luis Mingueza for Nerea is a researcher at the Carlos III University. He is completing his PhD in Artificial Intelligence. At the same time, he founded the national and free T3chFest event with more than 1,600 attendees and 80 lectures on science and technology. Google awarded her with the Women Techmaker award in 2016, recognizing her work and the COTEC Foundation has recognized her as an expert in Technology and Gender Talent. These are just some of the merits obtained in the last three years.

Innovative women in ICT: Juliana Soto, entrepreneur and founder of XIANNA

Innovative women in ICT experiences: We talked to Juliana Soto, who tells us in this video about her project of sustainable handbags and accessories XIANNA, an ECO fashion company that develops online from Galicia. "It is very important that all materials are sustainable to modernize the Spanish garage tradition. We need to help ourselves from the technological platforms to create our own reality without being tied to intermediaries and large corporations growing online without tying ourselves to a physical space "