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Innovative Women in ICT: Nerea Luis, co-Founder of t3chfest

Do not miss this interview with Nerea Luis Mingueza for InnovadorasTIC.org: Nerea is a researcher at the Carlos III University. He is completing his PhD in Artificial Intelligence. At the same time, he founded the national and free T3chFest event with more than 1,600 attendees and 80 lectures on science and technology. Google awarded her with the Women Techmaker award in 2016, recognizing her work and the COTEC Foundation has recognized her as an expert in Technology and Gender Talent. These are just some of the merits obtained in the last three years.

Connect against online gender violence E02

"Stop, think, connect" continues with the campaign "Connect against online gender violence". Prevention spots to understand different gender violence scenarios that occur in the network and that are replicated in real life to be alert to conflicting situations and how to prevent them. A campaign especially aimed at children, youth and adolescents. This second spot shows how far a message can reach by invading your privacy in a dangerous way, in situations like this, talk and denounce. Do not stay silent.