Connect against #GenderViolence: E04 "Can I count on you?

"Stop, think and connect" presents the fourth spot of the campaign "Connect against gender violence on the web", with the title "I'm counting on you?". This tries to raise awareness to understand different scenarios of gender violence that occur in the network and that are replicated in real life to be alert to conflict situations and how to prevent them. A campaign especially aimed at children, youth and adolescents. 


Countdown to #empoderaLIVE 2019

Countdown to #empoderaLIVE 2019 "Civic Technology for the global challenges" to be celebrated on September 16 and 17 at the Echegaray Theater in Malaga. You can  In this video you can check out how the event was in 2018 with interviews with the speakers in an edition that focused on the Sustainable Development Goals.