Cybervolunteers advocacy

who we are and what we do

We are

Cibervoluntarios Foundation is a non-profit organization shaped by social entrepreneurs pioneering that promotes the use and knowledge of new technologies as a means to alleviate social gaps, generate social innovation and foster citizen empowerment: that is to say, we work to increase the rights, opportunities and capabilities of each person within their social environment through the use of technology tools and applications that are within reach.

To promote social use of technology to mitigate the social gaps, generate social innovation and citizen empowerment.

To ensure that all people have same opportunity to access, learn and use new technologies to improve their quality of life and their environment. Social use of any kind of technological tool to improve the world.

To achieve these goals the Foundation rely on a cybervolunteers network: curious and proactive people, eager to learn, passion for sharing and enthusiasm for new technologies.
They disclosed the possibilities that New Technology can offer in a useful, simple and effective way. Both online and offline, in person, through courses, lectures, workshops and events.
Cybervolunteers provide counseling and free adapted training to people based on gender, age, professional environment, education, lack of material or economic resources or others at risk of exclusion social and digital.
They are agents of social change, leaders in their communities because they give creative solutions to specific needs. The aim is to achieve social improvement, adapting the use of technological applications to alleviate social gaps in employment, social level, participation, health...

Our actions

Promote the adoption and use of ICT by citizens, NGOs and institutions.

Encourage responsible and appropriate use of content, services, tools and access to the Knowledge Society.

Foster the creation, training and mobilization of technological volunteer: the cybervolunteers.

Create social awareness: to generate positive social and cultural attitudes towards the importance of new technologies for the development and advancement of society.

Remove any barriers to knowledge and use of new technologies, especially the physical, social and cultural.

Encourage participation through ICT and responsible for these tools use among youth.

Trajectory We are a worldwide pioneer organization in technological volunteering. We began our journey in November 2001 and after little more than three years as an association, we became Foundation under the Protectorate of the Ministry of Education and Culture of Spain, under the registration number 674 in 2005, assigned based on the Royal Decree 532/2004 of 17 April.
Fifteen years of experience so far with several acknowledgements along the way. Highlights of these recognitions: The Foundation receive an award from the hands of the then Prince of Asturias on "the creation of new forms of participation and social innovation in support groups at risk of exclusion", Cibervoluntarios also receive the economical and social recognition of, as one of the 50 entities that is changing the world, the first and currently the only organization recognized with such merit in Spain and the WSIS Prizes 2016 award "ethical dimensions of society information".


how we can do it

Cibervoluntarios Foundation has different funding channels, both public and private, that allows us to develop our programs. Each contribution, either financial or in equipments, is used to the greatest number of possible activities, always completely free for end users. These are our main ways of financing that allow us to develop our programs and investing in social innovation through ICT :)



Support us if you like what we do

Si disfrutas con nuestras actividades, eventos, charlas, encuentros, formaciones, noticias, redes sociales…. colabora con nosotros y anima a tu gente a que nos apoye también :D Cuantos más seamos mejor. Necesitamos gente como tú, que cree en nosotros, que le gusta lo que hacemos y que nos apoya. Puedes hacerte socio/a solo desde 10 euros al año. Con ello contribuyes económicamente para el funcionamiento de Cibervoluntarios, para que podamos seguir cambiando el mundo a través del uso social de las TIC. Gracias por hacerlo posible. :D


social innovation recognition

Google Foundation #GoogleGivesBack

Thanks to our contribution to social inclusion and citizen empowerment through technology, Google gave us one of their scholarships "Google Gives Back" program, which supports causes they consider particularly important in different fields, with the technology one . We are very proud to be the only Spanish Foundation recognized with one of these scholarships in 2011.

Google Foundation #GoogleGivesBack

National Prize on Social Volunteering 2011

Honorable Mention "in recognition of his great volunteer work, generating new forms of participation and innovation in support of people excluded from society," thanks to our pioneering bet on the social use of ICT through technological volunteering. Award that was given at that time by the Prince of Asturias, the actual King of Spain.

National Prize on Social Volunteering 2011

II Citizen Revitalisation Award

For the development of SocioDigital Center Program, this award was granted by the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce, Government of Spain in 2007 and delivered by the former Minister, Mr. Joan Clos.

II Citizen Revitalisation Award

WSIS Prize 2016

WSIS Prize 2016 in the category “Ethical dimensions of the Information Society” chosen open online voting process, in which more than 245,000 people around the world took part, and 311 projects were nominated. The Ceremony was held to coincide with the WSIS Forum in Geneva.

WSIS Prize 2016