Fundación Cibervoluntarios, an organisation of the 21st century

We are a Spanish NGO of international scope, created in 2001 by social entrepreneurs in orer to promote the use and knowledge of technogoly as a means to bridge social gaps, generate social innovation and citizen empowerment, favour their rights and enhance their opportunities. Our work is based on collaboration. We currently have a network of 1,500 cybervolunteers and more than 500 organisations with which we collaborate directly and regularly. With our activities we reach about 30.000 people annually.



To ensure that all people have equal opportunity to access, learn and use technology as a means to improve any aspect of their live and/or their environment. Leer más



To promote the use and knowledge of technology by citizens to guarantee Human Rights.

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We act from local to global

At Fundación Cibervoluntarios we always like to work in collaboration with other entities and organisations, to build from local to global. About 25% of our activities are performed in rural areas. We want people to make the most of ICTs, especially those who, for different reasons: gender, age, professional and social environment, lack of motiviation or resources... may have greater difficulties, or the ones we simply want to strengthen.

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Minors, teachers and families

People with disabilities



Small NGOs

Women and gender equality

Digital transformation to improve the world

We encourage the adoption ...

We encourage the adoption

and use of ICTs by citizens, NGOs and institutions to achieve the 2030 Agenda.

We favour an appropriate use, ...

We favour an appropriate use,

critical and positive, of technological content, services and tools.

We promote cybervolunteering ...

We promote cybervolunteering

creation, training and mobilisation of technological volunteering: the cybervolunteers.

We create social awareness ...

We create social awareness

by generating positive social and cultura attitudes towards the importance of technology to generate positive impact on society.

We remove any barrier ...

We remove any barrier

that prevents the knowledge and use of technology, especially physical, social and cultural.

We promote participation, ...

We promote participation,

responsible and critical, of young people and minors who use digital tools.

Transparency and funding

Fundación Cibervoluntarios is funded through several channels, both public and private, that allow us to develop our activities, projects and programmes. Each contribution, wheter economic or in kind, is used to perform as many actions as possible. All the activities we carry out are always completely free for the final beneficiaries or end-users.



  • Public Entities
  • Programmes: Erasmus+, Horizon 2020, Plan Avanza2


  • Private entities
  • Organsations
Services to third parties

Services to third parties

  • Consultancy
  • Training
  • Bespoke projects
  • Tools


  • Talks
  • Lectures
  • Events