Join Empodera x los ODS, an ecosystem of collective intelligence, integral, disruptive and resilient intelligence that creates processes of social innovation to solve challenges and make citizen initiatives aimed at achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. Join and start to change the world.

Launch your challenge: create impact

We offer you tools that will help you identify challenges, provide solutions, design and implement actions as well as generate impact. Participate and share it in your networks.

1 You can create a challenge

Are you an organization and / or person concerned about a cause? Do not hesitate, propose your own challenge. A wide network of social innovators will provide creative and innovative solutions to solve it.

2 You can provide solutions

Would you like to help with your ideas and knowledge to improve the world? Participate to solve the challenges. Contribute your solution and generate impact.

How to do it?

Register in the platform Empodera for the SDGs. The model we propose allows you to connect and collaborate with organizations and collaborators from the moment you create the challenge or have an idea to solve it. Invite other people and create your own action team. You can modify the model to your needs.

Start changing the world with your ideas!