We are Cybervolunteers, we are “cyberoptimistics” because we live an historical moment, like no other, where the appropriation of technology is key to fight against social gaps. Inherited gaps related to education, work, social development, participation, health ... in short, related to human development.

And close these gaps, is for the very first time in the hands of the citizens by their own. Technology gives us a chance, one to each of us, to become leaders and technological social entrepreneurs, able to change the world. With technology, social innovation is in our hands. Become Cyber-Volunteer. You are one click left to join us.

Being Cyberolunteer offers you…

  • You can manage your cybervolunteering time as you want
  • Activities and initiatives suit you and not vice versa
  • There is not mandatory number of hours of cybervolunteering, just the hours you be able to do
  • You can choose the activity they want to spend your time and knowledge
  • You also can propose initiatives or join the ones in your area
  • You know more people with similar interests and concerns. Undertaking your own mission
  • Promoting new forms of citizen participation in your area
  • Collaborating with other cybervolunteers in actions enhancing social use of technology
  • Creating your own training initiatives and interacting with your immediate environment
  • You can create your own social innovation initiatives. Be creative
  • You´ll become an agent of social change and will collaborate with different groups and organizations
  • You´ll project your social skills and communication
  • You´ll train Practical skills such as empathy, commitment and teamwork
  • Personal: you offer generously your time and experience to others
  • Social: you promote other forms of citizen participation and performance
  • Community: you foster innovation in your city or community
  • General: you help to change the world