BESTIE: the new Erasmus Plus project of Fundación Cibervoluntarios to combat digital exclusion in Europe

BESTIE: the new Erasmus Plus project of Fundación Cibervoluntarios to combat digital exclusion in Europe

Covid19 has accelerated the digitisation of every aspect of our lives. We’ve been forced into sudden digital usage in education and work, access to social networks, health services, cultural activities, banking and shopping. Our increasingly digital world has the potential to leave behind the most vulnerable of society. The inability to engage with digital media can accentuate disadvantage and exclusion for those with fewer opportunities. This is particularly evident among senior adults, migrants and refugees, even young people where a lack of digital skills is synonymous with social isolation and loss of autonomy. Education, free training in Digital Skills, community building and intergenerational collaboration will be keys in the evolution of the project.  

BESTIE (Befriending for social Ties and Digital inclusion) is the new Erasmus Plus project partnered by Fundación Cibervoluntarios in collaboration with 4 organizations from France, Ireland, Denmark and Greece. BESTIE will offer the most natural and socially beneficial method: community-based exchange in creating human interpersonal connections! The partners of the project will use the project to create the digital inclusion learning environments in their own organisations and develop digital and social skills of their own staff.


• BESTIE will benefit seniors with few opportunities to acquire the digital skills for better functioning in ever increasing digital world, as well as by developing social ties to the community, overcoming threats of loneliness and exclusion.

• BESTIE will benefit migrants & refugees in two ways (i) by taking both roles of learners, they improve their digital competencies and social links, (ii) and mentors with advanced digital skills will.

• Young people will benefit by building their communication skills, leadership and mentorship skills, acquiring a reputation as educators and community support implementors, as well as build their networks and boost their confidence, which leads to better employment prospect in the future and better links to the community.

• All the tools and work generated will focus on evoke cooperation within the community on an intergenerational basis, bringing together seniors, migrants and young people, with the help of adult educators, to overcome the digital and social exclusion of these groups, by allowing them to work together on bridging key skills gaps.


LE LABA (France)
Le LABA help associations, private and public organisations and territories in culture and creative industries, sports and tourism to develop their project

MOMENTUM (Ireland)
Firm believers in lifelong learning, education is at the heart of everything we do. Training, mentoring and online learning are three things we engage in professionally and three things we promote in our work.

Fundación Cibervoluntarios (Spain)
The Fundación Cibervoluntarios is a pioneering organization in technological volunteering. Since 2001, Cibervoluntarios has promoted and developed specific programs in the development of capacities in digital skills to promote inclusion and citizen empowerment.

European E-learning Institute (Denmark)
EUEI are passionate about developing and facilitating learning experiences that engage and motivate learners across Europe. We are pioneers in eLearning and blended learning solutions, with a team that has over two decades of experience in designing, delivering, and implementing online solutions

Creative Spark Limited (Ireland)
Creative Spark was established in 2012 to promote innovative and creative businesses, including new and established enterprises in Louth and the wider north-east región of Ireland.

Hellenic Adult Education Association (Greece)
The mission of the association is the elaboration of the scientific thought, action, research, information and dialogue on Adult Learning and Education.

  •   14/01/2022