"Citizen Digital Sovereignty: Under Construction" Download the new free publication of EmpoderaORG

Now available for free download the new publication from www.empodera.org: "Citizen Digital Sovereignty: Under construction"; edited and curated by Fundación Cibervoluntarios. Empodera Impact Stories celebrates nine editions promoting innovation, civic technology and citizen empowerment with a selection of initiatives from around the world. An international reference in the sector. We live in a changing world that needs, more than ever, to offer sustainable responses to global challenges.



Get inspired by these 17 success stories. Discover in this book a world in transformation. Meet a whole generation of creators of social impact, who work on technological challenges to strengthen our rights. An unrivaled ecosystem of inspiration and opportunities to share and collaborate. People like you are changing the world. New ideas that are demonstrating how civic technology helps overcome global challenges, helping drive citizen participation.

At Fundación Cibervoluntarios we work every day to make this a reality by acting to increase the rights and opportunities of thousands of people through digital skills. It is necessary to strengthen our space on the Internet, to build the pillars of a citizen's digital sovereignty that guarantees our opportunities and rights in the society of the future. And this will only be possible with the commitment and knowledge that each one of us can contribute. Society is changing by leaps and bounds and in this change, the pillars of what will be the society of the future are still being established. In this context, connected citizens cannot wait passively for everything to be done. We have a responsibility, we must be protagonists, active agents in the construction of this digital infrastructure.

We want to thank the individuals and organizations that have been involved in the development of this book. Without a doubt, you are demonstrating with your ideas and actions that technology-based initiatives can be successfully developed in an open, collaborative, conscientious, ethical and sustainable way: Aya Miyaguchi, Alice Piterova, Isaac Sesi, Cecilia Chapiro, Ariana Fowler, Katja Bego , César García, Ọmo Yoòbá, Ananya Chadha, Lina Ceballos, Lucy Harris, Liv Marte Norhaug, Pablo Vidarte, Sofía Prósper, Santiago Saavedra, Marcel Clària, Charolotte Lloyd, Hanae Bezad and Liliana Carrillo.

Thank you for serving as an inspiration and reference for other people.

  •   29/12/2021