Cyberseniors project meeting in Austria: Open digital resources for active aging in Europe

Cyberseniors project meeting in Austria: Open digital resources for active aging in Europe

The partners of the Erasmus+ project, have had the opportunity to meet in Vienna to work together on online resources for guided training of older people in digital skills. These resources will be part of a digital training platform in several languages to work with older people from Spain, Cyprus, Ireland, Romania and Austria. A first step that will be completed in 2022 with:

• Access to video tutorials for permanent online training and continuous training.

• Access to an online self-assessment questionnaire, designed for older people who have followed the workshop on their own and want to evaluate what they have learned.


The main ogoal of Cyberseniors is to train people over 55 at risk of socio-digital exclusion in general, and rural areas in particular, in the use of ICT tools that help them perform daily tasks in different areas: leisure, health , online banking, virtual communication, public administrations, etc., and how to use them safely. Cyberseniors focuses on providing the elderly with those tools and digital skills that allow them to maintain their independence and continue to carry out the daily activities necessary for the development of their lifestyle.


The consortium is made up of 5 European organizations, with experience in working with older people and in the development of projects focused on training and the creation of open educational resources. Fundación Cibervoluntarios Coordinates Cyberseniors based on previous experience in a similar project carried out in Spain at the national level, with the intention of expanding its scope at the European level. Austria's Vienna Association of Education Volunteers and Ireland's Age & Opportunity provide insights from organizations that work directly with older people. The Synthesis Center for Research and Education of Cyprus will contribute its expertise in the development of adapted educational resources, and the National Association of Women in Rural Areas of Romania will bring the gender and rural perspective.


Thanks to the hospitality of the hosts, Vienna Association of Education Volunteers, all the participants have also been able to take stock of the year and evaluation, and prepare the intermediate report. In 2022 all the first results will be shown with trainings in various countries.

For further information, follow the project's updates on the CyberSeniors website: 

  •   15/12/2021