Cibervoluntarios adds its experience in promoting digital transformation at the Digital Inclusion Summit

On 7 and 8 July, the Fundación Cibervoluntarios will participate in the Digital Inclusion Summit, a completely virtual and international event organised by the International Training Centre of the International Labour Organization, focused on promoting digital inclusion and lifelong learning. 

Spread across a virtual and interactive forum, participants will be able to virtually "walk" through the forum, meeting innovators at the Digital Inclusion booths. They will also be able to interact in real time through chats, calls and video calls or explore exclusive resources and download various digital tools, as well as connect with a global network of thinkers and creators from anywhere in the world.

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Cibervoluntarios will participate in the session entitled 'Inclusion Challenge Lab on Digital Literacy', where the Director of European Programmes of the foundation, Ángel Sola, will speak. Taking into account Cibervoluntarios' 20 years of experience in promoting digital transformation with social impact, Sola will address issues such as accessibility and connectivity, citizen digital empowerment and the acquisition of digital skills, the use of disruptive technologies to promote inclusion or the development of new pedagogical methodologies.

In addition, Cibervoluntarios will also have a Virtual Stand on Friday 9 July, where there will be a live video chat to answer questions, respond to possible requests and doubts about Cibervoluntarios. On the same day, between 14:00 and 15:00, there will be a webinar open to citizen participation: Cybervolunteers: the technological volunteer network that transforms the world.

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COVID-19 demonstrated the great potential of digital solutions for lifelong learning and improving employability, but also confirmed that greater use of digital technologies can exclude vulnerable people. Through a marathon of networked conversations and collaborations, the Digital Inclusion Summit aims to reach a global view on this complex issue. To do so, it will work on:

  • Create a global framework for action that integrates digital inclusion and lifelong learning.
  • Drawing inspiration from innovative, impactful and scalable practices from around the world and learning how to design successful digital inclusion interventions.
  • To build a community where knowledge exchange creates learning opportunities for practitioners interested in digital inclusion.

The Digital Inclusion Summit is open to individuals, organisations and policy makers who want to learn about the latest developments and best practices in digital inclusion or who are working to implement socio-digital inclusion initiatives. 

  •   02/07/2021