Discover how we can build a more open, social, distributed, decentralized and sustainable world in Empodera Impact Stories

We officially launch Empodera Impact Stories to showcase a whole generation of social impact creators. We invite you to discover an unmatched ecosystem of inspiration and new opportunities that technology offers us to overcome global challenges. We interview the protagonists of this change and we bring you stories of people who have decided to dedicate their energy, imagination and creativity to build technology-based projects that generate social impact all over the world.

To start the list of interviews, we talk with Aya Miyaguchi, educator and Executive Director of Ethereum Foundation, a global organization that offers an open source platform for developers around the world to create applications in a distributed way. Ethereum is the first fully programmable application distribution platform on Blockchain. As Aya herself tells us: "When Blockchain crossed my path, I recognized it as a technology that could create large-scale change and solve global problems."

As Aya shares with us: “I originally became fascinated in the blockchain space for its potential to impact financial inclusion in emerging markets, with a major focus in microfinance”. In early 2013, She joined Kraken and educated the public, VCs, and regulators on cryptocurrencies and blockchain innovation globally as Managing Director in Japan.

Today, Aya leads the Foundation’s teams, as they support projects in the open-source Ethereum ecosystem, including core Ethereum protocol research and development, and educational efforts aimed at further expanding the world’s largest blockchain ecosystem. In 2019, she was also appointed to the World Economic Forum’s Blockchain Global Council and named a Board Member of Ethereum Enterprise Alliance

“I’d encourage everyone to learn more about what we’re working on at the Foundation” 

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Ethereum: The challenges of a digital future with real social impact

  •   25/03/2021