VERIFICA2: workshops against fake news and disinformation in partnership with Newtral

VERIFICA2: workshops against fake news and disinformation in partnership with Newtral

Fundación Cibervoluntarios, in collaboration with Newtral Educación, launches VERIFICA2, a programme to fight against disinformation and fake news. The initiative is composed by a series of totally free cyber trainings aimed at developing social conscience, provide with the necessary tools to verify information and stop the viralization of the fake news, specially in social media.

The partnership between Fundación Cibervoluntarios and Newtral Educación is key to encourage the critical thinking of citizens in general, and young people in particular, so they can manage the avalanche of fake news and manipulated information that gets to us all, mainly through social media. Although VERIFICA2 is focused on a young audience, it is also open to adult participation.

Another of the goals of VERIFICA2 is to convey the necessity to question the information received, in order to perceive and detect fake or manipulated information. That is why, VERIFICA2 trains and educates in the use of simple tools to verify information before sharing it and contributing to make it viral.

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Newtral is an audiovisual startup founded in january 2018 by the journalist Ana Pastor, also  single stakeholder of Newtral. Formed by journalists, engineers, investigators, programmers, etc. Data are the base of their work and they are convinced that its use, through innovative journalism, is more necessary than ever in the age of the fight against fake news. They work in three main areas:

  • Production of TV programmes and new narratives for social media.
  • Innovation in journalism through data verification.
  • A line of investigation based on the AI protocols.

  •   03/02/2021