Cibervoluntarios turns 20 by your side

Cibervoluntarios turns 20 by your side

2021 is a very special year for us: we have been helping thousands of people with technology for 20 years. And we want to celebrate, as always, by your side. During this time in which we have been pioneers, has become the only technological volunteer network in the world aimed at transforming the lives of people in situations of digital vulnerability.

To celebrate this, we launched the "20 Years by Your Side" campaign, a tribute to technological volunteerism, collaboration and digital transformation with social impact. We live in crucial moments in which the appropriation of technology by the citizens becomes the key to overcome global challenges, and achieve a more inclusive, open and resilient society that guarantees human rights. There are many people who, like Mario and Laura from our campaign, do not know how to connect with technology, in we help them in a free way so that they can achieve it. We invite you to see the campaign:


We have a challenge ahead: keep growing by your side

It has been an exciting journey in which we have not wanted to leave anyone behind, 20 years that have always had something in common: the close collaboration and support of a network of cybervolunteers, more than 1,600 people today, that have helped, in 2020 alone, more than 63,000 people with our online e-trainings and awareness actions. Thanks to this effort, we can carry out activities with more than 800 entities and organizations that work with people in situations of digital vulnerability such as minors, youth, families, teachers, people with functional diversity, women, migrants, unemployed people, people in rural areas, the elderly, mental health organizations, ex-prisoners, NGO staff, social counsellors or corporate volunteering, among others.

In 2021 we want to double those numbers, because with your support, we can reach many more people who need it. Digital transformation goes far beyond introducing certain technologies. It is a complex process that involves changes at the social and cultural level: this transformation must have a social impact, without that impact, there is simply no transformation. From we will continue working, always by your side, to ensure that this is possible. Do you want to accompany us? Help us keep it coming. Thank you for being there. For another 20 years.

  •   08/01/2021