NADINE pilot workshops Kick-off: the platform to facilitate the inclusion of migrants in Europe

NADINE pilot workshops Kick-off: the platform to facilitate the inclusion of migrants in Europe

During the month of February the first pilot skills assessment workshops for migrant organizations will take place simultaneously in Greece, Belgium and Spain, the objective is to test the first prototype of the technological tool that is being developed in the NADINE Project, a platform for the inclusion of migrants in Europe. This initiative, in which 7 EU countries participate, aims to create an integrated system for the social support of migrants and refugees in host societies. We integrate the consortium organizations from Belgium, Greece, France, Luxembourg, United Kingdom, Spain and Italy. On the basis that one of the main facilitators of the inclusion of vulnerable migrants is their ability to work and their skills.

Fundación Cibervoluntarios will test the tool for the first time with a group of 30 migrants on February 5 and 12 in Madrid thanks to the collaboration of the UFIL Puerta Bonita. For this, for months we have been contacting Spanish NGOs that work and facilitate the inclusion of migrants in host cities such as Madrid. The objective is, losing this first evaluation training, to be able to develop dynamically through an Artificial Intelligence support that is responsible for offering the best solutions for migrants, public administrations and NGOs that work directly with them.

The Puerta Bonita Center, is a public center for Training and Labor Insertion for people in vulnerable situations. From this organization, people at risk of social exclusion try to respond to the educational and social needs, training in the professional competences of a Professional Qualification of level 1.

The sessions begin on day 5 and continue on 12. They will be done in several languages: Spanish, French and Arabic, taking into account the different backgrounds of the participants. During both days, the participants take a training course (through serious games and evaluation of language skills)

Training session for accompanying persons: 05/02 from 11am to 12pm.

Pilot session 1: 05/02

Group 1: 19 people - Languages: Spanish, French and Arabic

Group 2: 12 people - Languages: Spanish, French and Arabic

Pilot session 2: 02/02

The project seeks in the long term to create an adaptable tool capable of:

1) Provide functionalities for the evaluation of personal skills.
2) Dynamically create training programs adapted to incorporate existing skills to the skills that host societies need (change of skills).
3) Provide a digital companion that suggests and helps end users through administrative tasks.
4) Create a lake of data available to public administration agencies for better organization.

  •   03/02/2020