3rd meeting with partners of the European Project

3rd meeting with partners of the European Project "IoT for Everyone" in Krakow

We travel to Krakow for the 3rd meeting with partners of the European project "IoT for everyone" for the exchange of good practices on 15 and 16 December. This initiative, funded by the European Erasmus + program, is shaped with partners from Spain, Italy, Tunisia and Poland. The project is based on a key idea: the challenge to bring to all people the opportunities and different uses of IoT (Internet of Things for All) technology, especially those furthest from the technology sector without specialized programming knowledge, thanks to the usability of TUNIOT, a tool developed by one of the partners.

This third meeting of partners is organized by the organization that coordinates the project, Antares Foundation. It is a young entity founded by university students to popularize science among young people through educational events and activities. The idea that tries to represent "IoT for Everyone" is quite well illustrated by its name: everyday things and apps that connect to the Internet, but in reality it is much more than that. The two-year project pursues a series of objectives:

• The use and knowledge of the innovative tool TUNIOT, developed by Adel Kassah, which facilitates the programming process since it allows the creation of a code without prior knowledge of programming language through predetermined blocks that are assembled in the same way as They make the pieces of a puzzle. • Bring technology closer and arouse interest of people who, or are not familiar with the programming language and its uses, or have fewer resources and opportunities, so that they can use this technology and its different applications on a personal and / or professional level. And in this way, transfer this interest to promote their employability, entrepreneurial spirit and more specialized digital skills. • Facilitate the use of Arduino thanks to the TUNIOT tool using the ESP8266 board connected to different types of sensors (movement, light, humidity, vibration, etc.).
• Allow anyone to find solutions to their day-to-day problems through IoT technology. Learning to connect any type of device to everyday objects such as a light bulb that can be turned on and / or off through the mobile phone, doors that open when they detect the movement of a car / person, water a plant when the earth has low humidity levels etc ...

• Facilitate the creation of Innovation for citizens.

  •   11/12/2019