Malaga hosts the EITIC event: women for innovation and entrepreneurship in Europe

Malaga hosts the EITIC event: women for innovation and entrepreneurship in Europe

We invite you to participate in the EITIC multiplier event on November 26 at the Municipal Heritage Museum of Malaga. This event has been organized to present the results of the project “Innovative ICT Entrepreneurs (EITIC)”, designed and coordinated by the Cybervolunteers Foundation, and developed together with three partner organizations from Italy (IAL Nazionale - Innovazione Apprendimento Lavoro), Norway (The European Center for Women and Technology - ECWT) and Romania (Studii Method).

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EITIC was born thanks to the support of the Erasmus + program of the European Commission, Key Action 2 (KA2): Strategic Partnerships for Adult Education. The project's approach affects the reality of women in rural areas and other contexts of special vulnerability. That is why this project is based on a key idea: an innovative approach that aims to:

• Promote and show good practices of innovative women entrepreneurs, able to use all kinds of digital tools and services at their disposal, to generate opportunities and stimulate development
of new alternative solutions for unemployment and entrepreneurship.

• Make visible the technological leadership of gender, promoting an accurate image of the innovative and entrepreneurial capacities of women. To achieve these objectives, the EITIC project has focused on the following main actions:

- Develop training materials focused on the empowerment of women through ICT tools to undertake and find work.

- Create an electronic book that contains good practices of women entrepreneurs and projects carried out by women and how ICTs have played an essential role in their development.

- Training of women in rural areas or in disadvantaged situations, using the training materials developed, through pilot workshops in each partner country.

During the day we will discover good practices of women who are entrepreneurs and use ICT to promote innovation and stone other women. In addition, the #InnovadorasTIC awards will be presented, a recognition of the work of women entrepreneurs in Spain that is already in its second edition and that aims to publicize technology-based projects created and developed by women.

If you are in Malaga, do not hesitate and come and discover them from 10 in the morning at the Municipal Heritage Museum of Malaga, Paseo de Reding 1. Join us!

  •   14/11/2019