VIP Values ​​Pilot Experiences: Good technology and peace practices for refugees and migrants

VIP Values ​​Pilot Experiences: Good technology and peace practices for refugees and migrants

This week we are in Athens with the VIP Values ​​project (Volunteering and ICT for Peace Values) Working with partners from Cyprus, Italy, Greece and Spain to raise awareness about the reality of young refugees and immigrants in the European Union and the possibilities offered by ICT to improve their situation and give them a voice. An innovative and pioneering project that, without a doubt, and given the results of the first pilots, we will continue.

Fundación Cibervoluntarios coordinates this European initiative framed within the Erasmus + program, KA205 - Strategic Partnerships for youth. VIP Values ​​will also make visible the potential of technological advancement, promoting an accurate image of the reality of these young people at risk of exclusion and the strategies that are being carried out both by them and by the volunteers and trainers and workers who lend them help, assistance, etc. to improve this situation. Based on previous experience as well as the day-to-day activities of the entities that work in these areas, this project is based on an idea that is already underway in Spain at the national level, the project “ICT for Peace”


The project wants to make its beneficiaries its protagonists, strengthen their role as agents of change and essential actors in the peace process necessary to improve their situation in Europe. In this way, VIP Values ​​will focus on two main lines:

1) Highlight the problem of refugees

2) Recognize and value the technological tools that help integrate young refugees / immigrants. This means that volunteering, the use of technologies and peace are the three main aspects in this project. To do this, four expected results have been set:

• Local pilots: an example of how they manage to involve young refugees and the population
Local stock. This will allow all partners to know different practices that may be applicable in their respective countries.

• Catalog or guide of good practices and innovative solutions

• Training of youth workers: To be carried out in Madrid.

• Key activities of the project: “Good technology and peace practices for refugees and migrants”

  •   11/11/2019