Cibervoluntarios coverage in TVE program "La aventura del saber"

Do not miss the great TV coverage in La Aventura del Saber (La 2  TVE Public Spanish Tlevision) about our work to promote social innovation and citizen empowerment. Going through some of the programs we carry. Activities tha have to do with digital and social transformation. Yolanda Rueda, Founder and President of the Cybervolunteers Foundation explains all the actions we develop. It is accompanied by testimonials from cyber-volunteers and some of the organizations we work closely with to create a better world and achieve the 2030 Agenda.

The Cybervolunteers Foundation is a non-profit organization that was named in 2018 by the Financial Times as one of the 100 pioneer entities in digital transformation in Europe. We are an organization composed of social entrepreneurs that promotes the use and knowledge of new technologies as a means to bridge social gaps and generate social innovation. And all thanks to the use of technological tools that are at your fingertips. To achieve these objectives, the Foundation has people who have a passion for sharing and enthusiasm for new technologies: cyber volunteers. We have 1,500 cyber volunteers and collaborate with more than 600 organizations to carry out our training and awareness activities.

Do you want to join the cybervolunteer network? To be a cyber volunteer, all you have to do is use the technology in your day to day and want to help. In Spain, they are aimed at people at risk of social exclusion such as elderly people, with functional diversity, women in rural areas and young people, so that they learn to use technology safely.

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  •   05/11/2019