Cibervoluntarios Foundation joins the Internet Society: Working for an open Internet for all people

Cibervoluntarios Foundation joins the Internet Society: Working for an open Internet for all people

Fundación Cibervoluntarios joins the Internet Society to support with concrete actions the vision of this organization and promote the development of the Internet as a global technical infrastructure, a resource to enrich people's lives and a force for good in society. The mission of Cibervoluntarios Foundation is to ensure that all people have the same opportunities for access, knowledge and use of technology to generate social transformation. All our activities are focused on promoting an inclusive, ethical and responsible use of the Internet to improve Human Rights, digital skills and opportunities for participation. Being a member of the Internet Society is a natural step for an organization like Cibervoluntarios to continue working with, for and for people and build a better future for all.

Common objectives of collaboration with Internet Society:

• Connecting to the World

Promote policies and create communities in order to maintain an Internet that constitutes a universally accessible platform for innovation, creativity and economic opportunities.

• Shape the future of the internet

As does every technology, the Internet has grown, evolved, and adapted to new technologies and new uses. As a global infrastructure, the Internet is also shaped by economic and policy forces. A key part of the Internet Society’s work is to understand and anticipate how these various factors might affect the Internet’s future, and work to ensure changes do not undermine the key attributes that have allowed the Internet to thrive over the past three decades.

• Build trust

The Internet Society’s policy agenda on trust is guided by the “Policy Framework for an Open and Trusted Internet“. This document underscores the challenge that diminishing trust presents to the Internet. 

• Promote, raise awareness and improve security

Global infrastructure is required so that Internet endpoints without a prior relationship can communicate in a trusted and secure way. Unmediated connections are a hallmark of the Internet. Technologies such as encryption infrastructure, time security, and identity and authentication functions comprise the necessary infrastructure. It is this shared connectivity and trust infrastructure that enables a trustworthy and secure Internet for everyone.

  •   25/10/2019