#empoderaLIVE 2019: Official Video

As every year, Malaga became, on September 16 and 17, an international meeting point to discover solutions that use civic technology and innovation to meet global challenges with #EmpoderaLIVE. This year we have brought together an impressive panel of people and initiatives that have changed the way of creating impact in different fields such as open and distributed economy, access to free culture, participation, or Civic Governance. We discovered low-cost technological solutions, how to democratize access to energy resources, the impact that the quantum computing revolution can have and many other practical cases of how things can be changed with a civic use of technology. New ideas in the face of global challenges.

Speakers 2019:

• Garrick Hileman: Garrick is currently the Head of Blockchain Research

• Maria Sefidari: María Sefidari Huici is the President of the board of directors of the Wikimedia Foundation

• Gitangali Sah: She is an expert in the development of ICT programs for Development worldwide. Coordinator of the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS)

• David Cuartielles: co-founder of Arduino and Open Hardware

• Shuyang Lin: co-founder of PDIS.tw, Public Space for Digital Innovation promoted by the Government of Taiwan

• Joana Moscoso: she is co-founder and director of Native Scientist

• Kenny Ewan: is CEO and founder of Wefarm

• Nerea Luis Mingueza: founder of T3chFest

• Fiza Farhan: is a Global Development Advisor in the United Nations High Level Panel for the Economic Empowerment of Women

• Mauricio Cordova: is an entrepreneur and founder of Faircap.org

• Inés Huertas: expert in Big Data and Machine Leraning

• Alba Cervera: Physicist and researcher at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center.

• César García Saez: co-founder of Makespace Madrid

#EmpoderaLIVE 2019 is organized by the Cybervolunteers Foundation with the support of the Ministry of Labor, Migration and Social Security, the City Council of Malaga, the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) and Cifal Málaga. We also want to thank the collaboration of the WSIS Forum, Agora News, Periodismo Ciudadano, Teatro Cervantes, Data Beers Málaga, Poetopía y AMEIS (Asociación de mujeres escritoras e ilustradoras). The event was broadcasted live through our website www.empodera.org and with the hashtag #EmpoderaLIVE.

  •   01/10/2019