Malaga, meeting point for global experts in civic technology for the global challenges.

Malaga, meeting point for global experts in civic technology for the global challenges.

The 13th Edition of EmpoderaLIVE which will be held in Malaga (Echegaray Theatre) on September 16 and 17, is being presented today. The central subject of this year is “Civic Technology for the Global Challenges”. Arduino, Blockchain, Wikimedia, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Quantum Supercomputing and 3D printing are some of the key subjects of the 13th edition of #EmpoderaLIVE. This meeting brings together 250 experts and worldwide leader focused on offering a vision of how the social use of technology can help to achieve the Global Challenges.

Yolanda Rueda, President of Fundación Cibervoluntarios and Ruth Sarabia, Councillor for Citizen Participation of the City of Malaga attended the presentation. #EmpoderaLIVE is organised by Fundación Cibervoluntarios, with the support of the Spanish Ministry of Labour, Migration and Social Security, the City Council of Malaga, The United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) and CIFAL Malaga.

This edition will feature speakers such as María Sefidari, President of the Wikimedia Foundation, Garrick Hileman, Head of Research of, David Cuartielles, Co-founder of Arduino and one of the parents of Open Hardware, or Shuyang Lin, Co-founder of PDIS Taiwan (Public Space of Digital Innovation of the Government of Taiwan), among others.

In the words of Yolanda Rueda, President of Fundación Cibervoluntarios, “This meeting is a great opportunity to share international projects that aim to achieve global challenges framed in the #Agenda2030, through technology”.

The group of magnificent speakers make this edition an unavoidable event to discover new advances in social innovation. In addition, this year the event will count on a special part of #civicpoetry, where representatives of the movement will make, through tweets, a poetic summary of each session. Here you will find the agenda and activities of this edition. Registration is open and free until capacity is filled. The event will also be broadcasted live, via streaming from the website, for those who cannot attend in person, thanks to the collaboration of Agora News.

#EmpoderaLIVE also counts with the collaboration of WSIS Forum, Agora News, Periodismo Ciudadano, Teatro Cervantes, Data Beers Malaga, Poetopía and AMEIS (Association of Women Writers and Illustrators).

  •   10/09/2019