Countdown to #empoderaLIVE 2019

Countdown to #empoderaLIVE 2019 "Civic Technology for the global challenges" to be celebrated on September 16 and 17 at the Echegaray Theater in Malaga. You can  In this video you can check out how the event was in 2018 with interviews with the speakers in an edition that focused on the Sustainable Development Goals.

#EmpoderaporlosODS presented numerous projects and people who are using the technology to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and solve global problems. Digital solutions to the challenges proposed by the SDGs to build a more ethical, sustainable, inclusive and participatory world. This year we have a fantastic panel of speakers among which are:

Nikhil Seth: Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations and Executive Director of UNITAR

Nighat Dad: Founder of Digital Rights Foundation Pakistan

Audrey Tang: Civic Hacker and Digital Prime Minister in Taiwan

Peter van Wingerden: Founder and CEO in Beladon

Federico Buyolo: Director of the High Commissioner for the 2030 Agenda in the Government of Spain

Luis Tamayo: Sociologist, co-founder of Rethink & Remix and connector in Ouishare

Paul Dziezic: Director of Training and Open Data Services in Openoil

Sabine Wildeburg: Director of Creative Care Lab at Waag Society

Benjamin Dubow: Co-founder and CTO in Omelas. Director of Code to Inspire

Guillermo Martinez: Industrial Organization Engineer and Founder of Ayúdame 3D

Elena Tóxica: Visual artist & founder of the artistic collective Toxic Lesbian

Rob van Kranemburg: Founder of #IoT Council and #IoTDay

Laila Josefin Azhar: Techfugees

Ken Banks: Director of Social Impact at Yoti and founder of

Gail Rego: Chief of Communication and Affiliation at Missing Children Europe

Manon van Leeuwen: Expert in EU tenders in EOLAS. PTWIST project

EmpoderaxlosODS was also possible thanks to the collaboration of the Cervantes Theater, Agoranews, Citizen Journalism, WSIS Forum and Susana Roza. See you in 2019! :)

  •   03/09/2019