Innovative Women in ICT: Natalia Martos, CEO of Legal Army

Do not miss this interview with Natalia Martos for Natalia is a lawyer and CEO of Legal Army, a company that offers legal solutions "for clients of the XXI Century", and build digital solutions for the future of legal services. All industries have undergone a revolution thanks to the use of technology. For Natalia it is clear that the legal sector has to join the digital transformation and from Legal Army propose digital tools such as #LegalTech, a platform based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Innovative ICT is a program of Fundación Cibervoluntarios that aims to promote and make visible the capacity of entrepreneurship and innovation of women through ICT with practical examples of women who are making a difference in this field in different parts of Spain. Innovative ICT wants to break with the idea that technology "is not for girls" and value real experiences of women entrepreneurs in the technology sector.

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  •   14/06/2019