VIP VALUES: ICT tools to achieve equitable and more inclusive societies

VIP VALUES: ICT tools to achieve equitable and more inclusive societies

Second transnational meeting of the VIP Values project (Volunteering and ICT for Peace Values) in Reggio Calabria where we are gathered with partners from Greece, Cyprus and Italy for the evaluation of the results obtained until then, as well as the evaluation of the innovative technological solutions available for the integration of young refugees and migrants in society.

VIP Values is an innovative and pioneering project that aims to raise awareness on the issue of young refugees and migrants in the European Union and the possibilities offered by ICT to improve their situation and give them a voice.

This consortium meeting responds to the third encounter of the project held after the training conducted in August in Madrid, which offered training in ICT knowledge and skills to workers and volunteers who face different realities and are in contact with the young beneficiaries of the project.

This initiative, framed within the Erasmus Plus programme and lasting 18 months, aims to make its beneficiaries its protagonists and, to this end, promotes practices that enhance their role as agents of change and essential actors in the peace process for the improvement of their situation in Spain.

VIP Values will also make visible the potential of technological progress, promoting an accurate image of the reality of these young people at risk of exclusion and the strategies that are being carried out both by them and by volunteers and trainers and workers who give them help, assistance, etc. to improve the situation. Based on previous experience as well as the day-to-day work of the entities that work in these fields, this project starts from an idea that is already underway in Spain at a national level, the "ICT for Peace" project, which can now grow and extend its scope to a planned number of 1500 people, bringing this proven methodology to other countries and young people, thereby promoting European culture, international ties, exchange of ideas, experiences and knowledge, solidarity between countries and all this by focusing on technological possibilities and their applications in situations of conflict, vulnerability, exclusion, and so on.

  •   13/05/2019