Encounter "EITIC" in Rome: performing the methodology to promote female entrepreneurship

Cibervoluntarios has successfully completed its second transnational meeting of the project "Innovative ICT Entrepreneurs (EITIC)" held in Rome with partners from Romania, Italy and Norway with the aim of sharing the progress made in the methodology carried out to promote initiatives led by women.

The EITIC project, framed within the Erasmus + program, seeks to make visible the actions of women entrepreneurs and innovators from vulnerable groups and / or rural areas and encourage their entrepreneurship and employment through training in the use of technological tools and services.

During this second meeting the participating partners have exchanged and presented the materials they are working on to implement the different lines of action of the project.

Among them, it is worth mentioning the didactic material prepared for the development of ICT training courses focused on adults with the aim of promoting their social and labor inclusion, as well as the preparation of a manual of Good Practices to raise awareness in society about the Entrepreneurship and the Innovative capacity of women through ICT.

The project is based on a great initial advantage: it is based on a successful initiative carried out throughout Spain by the Cibervoluntarios Foundation over the years: the program under the name "Innovadoras TIC", with a highly consolidated methodology and observable results , which provide this new project with a solid and reliable design and which is based on the technological training of women in vulnerable contexts, such as rural areas or minority groups for their empowerment and improvement of skills and competences.

  •   11/04/2019