PROVENANCE: the impact of Content verification grounded in trust, openness, and citizen participation to detect fake news

PROVENANCE: the impact of Content verification grounded in trust, openness, and citizen participation to detect fake news

We are proud to announce the official launch of PROVENANCE Project, Funded by Horizon 2020 EU program.  The Kick Off Meeting will take place in Dublin on 18th and 19th of December hosted by Dublin City University and Trinity College Dublin. PROVENANCE will develop in the next three years an intermediary-free solution for digital content verification that will give greater control to users of social media and will underpin the dynamics of social sharing in values of trust, openness, and fair participation. Specifically, PROVENANCE will use blockchain to record, in a secure and verifiable manner, multimedia content that is uploaded and registered by content creators or identified for registration by the PROVENANCE Social Network Monitor. The central idea to improve the current social media environment by providing a traceable solution to the problem of content verification for the benefit of citizens, content producers, and businesses. content creators with a suitable and easy to use user interface that enables them to create new content (e.g multimedia articles, videos) while reusing and repurposing existing internal and external archive material and tracking the traceability of the sources they use. 

A personalised Digital Companion will cater to the information needs of end-users. To help consumers navigate content and develop digital literacy competencies, andan iconographic Verification Indicator will contextualise individual pieces of content with relevant information including when the content was registered, by whom, and any subsequent transactions. PROVENANCE will be co-created with diverse representatives of civil society across four distinct use-cases in the social media domain (citizen information seekers, citizen prosumers, factual content creators, and creative content
creators). However, the findings will be applicable to any area in which social media and verification are important. The scientific and pragmatic insights gained through PROVENANCE will significantly advance the state of the art in intermediary-free solutions for content verification, understanding of information cascades and information sources on social media, the openness of algorithms, and user control over personal data.

In so doing, it will lay the foundation for a new federated social network grounded in trust, openness, and fair participation. In addition, it will support the development of an observatory on information veracity and social media best practice under the ICT28 CSA.

Objective 1: A user-empowered approach to content verification: Currently it is very difficult for users to ascertain the veracity of a piece of content they encounter on the Web. PROVENANCE will offer users an ‘at a glance’ method for helping them to verify the quality of a piece of content.

Objective 2: Leverage multimedia analysis, semantic uplift as well as information cascades in content verification: There is usually a large disparity between the levels of popularity that different posts on social media garner.

Objective 3: Improve public literacy about, and participation in, content verification: Supporting users in reflecting upon and controlling how they consume and work with content is a fundamental issue on the Web.

Objective 4: Verification and traceability from the ground up - creating the basis of a new social network.

The PROVENANCE consortium brings together a wide-ranging and complementary set of key research and stakeholder communities including: 

• Leading research institutions for technology across academic:

Trinity College Dublin, Technische Universitaet and Czech Academy of Sciences 

• Commercial Sector: Everis 

• SME Sector: NewsWhip, 

• Leading institution for digital media research and practice that coordinates the project: Dublin City University

• Leading representative of global brands and content producers: NewsWhip

• Leading representative of citizens groups and inclusive media training in Spain: Fundación Cibervoluntarios

  •   14/12/2018