Expertclick, technological school for the elderly in rural areas

Cibervoluntarios Foundation and the AEB Foundation, of the Spanish Association of Banking (AEB), launch #Expertclick, a training program in the use of new technologies for people over 55 years living in rural areas throughout Spain

This project, which responds to the analysis of access, uses and demands of elderly people in Internet aims to train this group in digital skills to navigate safely and confidently so they can perform daily operations, especially those related to healthcare, administrations and online banking. According to the National Institute of Statistics (INE), the increase in the consumption of technology among those over 65 years of age comes hand in hand with tablets. Only 13.2% of the elderly had one of these devices in 2015, a proportion that rises to 42% in 2016. This age segment is already above the average in the use of tablets for operations with administrations and the banks.

"Those over 55 have to be a key agent for the development of society in the new digital era and we want to contribute to their deployment through this type of training. This will increase their online social participation for the benefit of the whole society," said the President of the Cybervolunteers Foundation, Yolanda Rueda.

"Our goal is to bring older people the necessary tools so that they can fully take advantage of the advantages that new technologies offer to increase their quality of life," said AEB spokesman José Luis Martínez.

  •   13/12/2018