Let's continue growing in 2018 for a more inclusive and participatory world through the social use of technology.

Let's continue growing in 2018 for a more inclusive and participatory world through the social use of technology.

We believe in the power of the connected citizen and in an open, ethical and inclusive technology for social change and more participation. Thanks to your motivation, collaboration and initiative throughout 2017, we have been able to achieve a very important task: To reach more than 9.320 people directly oin live acttions and almost 30.000 indirectly through 290 ICT awareness and training activities: 34 provinces different from all Spain, awareness-raising events, international forums, online training webinars or social media coverage and other media. We have been able to collaborate with 280 Grass roots  organizations, entities, institutions and educational centers that work with care groups: Minors, Youth, families, educators, people with disbilities, people with low vision, women, migrants, people at risk of social exclusion, people in situations of unemployment, rural areas, elderly, people rehabilitated from situations of drug addiction, mental health organizations, people with rare diseases, ex-prisoners, homeless people, NGO staff, social counselors or corporate volunteering, among others.

ICT training can improve the lives of people in many areas. This is demonstrated by the daily work of hundreds of cybervolunteers who have shared their time and knowledge, who have approached their communities, who have offered training and support to many associations and small local organizations teaching them to use technological tools, which have generated a social impact . They and them, the "cibers", are the beginning of a chain of social innovation that begins by detecting and addressing the specific needs of the people to whom we direct our courses, talks and workshops. For all this, and for much more we want to thank. Yes, definitely in 2018 we will continue working for the social use of technology. In fact, we have prepared a total of 51 activities in the first quarter of 2018. Look at everything we have achieved together:

New entities and educational centers registered on the website of cibervoluntarios.org in the year 2017: 280


PARA PIENSA CONÉCTATE: 7.958 people have participated and benefited from this project directly. The training and awareness program on cybersecurity has reached 10 Regions, 28 cities (13 are in rural areas)

· Talks and face-to-face training workshops with children, youth, families and teachers: 176 activities and 4.596 people trained

· Webinars or online training in security: 983 people

· Training of Cybervolunteers: 74 people

· Information and awareness through Social Media twitter @piensayconecta and Facebook: 2,305 people

INTEGRA EN RED: A total of 12.573 users have benefited directly or indirectly from our program to bring ICT tools to different groups with Functional Diversity. 72 live actions have been carried out that have reached 706 people from 37 entities. Reaching 20 locations of 10 Regions ( 5 of them belong to rural areas)

· 5.357 people reached in our campaign on social networks and the project's website.

· 160 people participating in our live webinar on technology and functional diversity that added to the participants in the scope of social networks that have viewed this part of the project, we reached a total of 6,452 people who have been sensitized in the webinars carried out.

· 58 Cybervolunteers trained and active in the different activities and program actions.

INNOVADORAS TIC: 1.181 people have participated in ICT training activities with special attention to groups of women at risk of social exclusion. We have reached 11 cities in 6 Regions.

· 350 women beneficiaries of the 33 ICT training training itineraries of 17 different Associations and Institutions of women.

· 33 Cybervolunteers trained and active in the different activities and program actions.

· 478 people reached in social networks, informed of each step and sensitized with the role of women in the technological field.

· 320 people participating in our webinar of entrepreneurship and experiences within the ICT Innovative project.

VOLUNTARIZATE: 4.662 young people who have participated and have benefited from this project of knowledge, training and promotion of volunteering and the social, personal and professional skills it offers.

· Face-to-face conferences in Universities: 2 conferences in 2 Public Universities from 2 different locations with 86 participants.

· Training activities and development of volunteer experiences in Universities, educational centers and other institutions: 5 training activities, in 4 different locations, with different faculties of Universities and educational centers. People who have participated in these training sessions have been 218.

· Communication and dissemination in Social Media and video-experiences summary of the program: 5 audiovisual resources of video experiences made and recorded for this part of the project, obtained a total of 444 people reached. Through our social networks of communication Twitter and Facebook 3.914, they have been informed and benefited of all the steps and contents of the program.

· Social organizations that have supported the project and participated in our live sessions / conferences: 10 organizations with different characteristics: Disability, health, women, social exclusion or young people 

Together we can change things! Join us!

Happy 2018


  •   29/12/2017