Erasmus+ 30th anniversary closing event: Shaping Europe’s Future

Erasmus+ 30th anniversary closing event: Shaping Europe’s Future

The 30th of November marks the end of the Erasmus+ 30th anniversary campaign. A series of high-profile events and an outstanding artistic show have been organised by the European Commission for the entire day at very special venues. Come celebrate with us one last time and help us wrap up the discussion on the future of Erasmus+! This 30th Anniversary offers the perfect opportunity to reflect on what Europe can be for each one of us. Cibervoluntarios Foundation has been involved in many Erasmus + Projects since 2008 collaborating directly with 20 european organizations, Universities, ONGs, Software companies and other institutions building based in a common vision: Put the citizens at the center of social innovation.

We want to celebrate this anniversary! This is the century of the citizens, together we need to put the the focus more and more on the social side of innovation, creating resilient and inclusive communities in All Europe. And technology can help it to do so. Helping build and create from the diversity, from local to global. Yolanda Rueda, CEO of Cibervoluntarios Foundation will speak during the closing event about the challenges facing the future of Digital Social Innovation in Europe, with the human point of view, using Innovation and technology to solve people’s needs.  This closing event will bring together Erasmus+ talents with TED-style talks and various performances by famous artists. 2,000 participants, including high-level politicians, will have the chance to listen to alumni sharing inspiring stories and views about the future of Erasmus+. See the full agenda here

The Erasmus Programme has been enriching lives for the past 30 years. It is not just a time in someone's existence, it is a turning point. Whether people have improved their chances of finding a job, developed fresh perspectives on sustainable development, learnt a new language, gained a clearer idea of European citizenship, or found a new passion for volunteering: Erasmus+ has produced many success stories.

This platform for European and international mobility and cooperation brings people from different backgrounds together. It provides them with the competences needed to lead independent, fulfilling lives and helps them find their place in our societies and develop a sense of a European identity – an identity that complements our national, regional, local identities.

We hope to continue growing together, learning form each other. From Cibervoluntarios Foundation we will WORKING to do so. A toast for the future.

  •   30/11/2017