#EmpoderaLIVE 2017, The year of ethical, sustainable and transparent technology

On 11 and 12 September, Empodera Live was held at the Echegaray Theater in Malaga, the international reference event on social innovation that this year has focused on the technology that is creating a more ethical, sustainable, transparent, participatory and open world. Citizens and organizations under one motto: Making by Hacking, citizens of change creating the future now. Empodera Live 2017 ends with great success of participation and public. If you missed it you can watch everything that happened on the stage in the streaming offered by Agora News on this link. The event was inaugurated by the Mayor of the city, Francisco de la Torre and Yolanda Rueda, President of the Cibervoluntarios Foundation, organizer of the event. And the presence on stage of all the speakers of this edition.

Mahmoud y Massoud Hassani brothers, technological and social entrepreneurs with Minekafon Lab, opened the interview time leaving the audience excited with their courage in the struggle to locate and neutralize land mines with a dron designed by them, to save the lives of thousands of people in affected areas. Then it was the turn of two young Spanish engineers and researchers Nieves Cubo and Maria Postigo. María uses Artificial Intelligence in a video game to detect cases of malaria (Malaria Spot) in a collaborative and very sustainable way. Nieves investigates the generation of human tissue in 3D through Open Bio Printing.

Kelly Snook, scientific researcher halfway between art and science, performed live presentation of the Mi.Mu Gloves, maximum exponent in wereables for the artistic creation. Social Justice in the digital age also had its place within the program with the participation of activist and designer Aral Balkan. With a theater delivered to its ignoble speech by the paradigm shift in the political system and large technological conglomerates that have the data of citizens. Aral leads the technological policy area of DIEM 25.
The afternoon of the 11th was dedicated to showcasing the ecosystem of social innovation in Europe with the participation of several community initiatives aimed at promoting citizen participation in the EU environment. To conclude the first day, the attending public was invited to count in three minutes some of its social innovation projects, because #empoderaLIVE also serves to put people in touch with ideas and organizations and to encourage citizen collaboration. A very interesting activity in which 10 projects with local and community focus participated, social projects with technology as a common denominator.

On Tuesday, 12 the day began with Jorge Barrero, Director of the Cotec Foundation who told us about Circular Economy and Open Innovation in Esapaña. Then it was the turn of Julie Owono, Director of Internet Sans Frontieres and cyber activist specialized in Human Rights and online freedom of expression. There was also occasion to officially present the Beta App of the Cibervoluntarios Foundation, which is being developed by a group of developers of Atos in Tenerife.

The last day ended with two great design and sustainable, ethical and open innovation. Bas Van Abel shocked attendees with his Fairphone project, the first and only sustainable phone that respects both the environment and the production chain. While Carlo Ratti, director of MIT Sensible City Lab shared his breakthrough ideas to move from the term "Smartcities" to "Sensible cities", a hacking of urbanism as it is now proposed to create the city of the future. Carlo is considered by many as the "Leonardo" of our time. A gold snap for #EmpoderaLIVE 2017.

We wish to thank all the people, organizations and collaborators who have made this possible: LUSH SPAIN - LUSH ESPAÑA, Ayuntamiento de Málaga, Horizon2020, Agora News, Echegaray Theater. Thank you very much for being, participating and raising your voice. See you in the next edition of Empodera LIVE.

  •   29/09/2017