The team of Cibervoluntarios wishes you Merry Xmas! look what we’ve achieved together in 2016

The team of Cibervoluntarios wishes you Merry Xmas! look what we’ve achieved together in 2016

Let’s continue growing in 2017 for a fairer world through the social use of technology. We believe in the power of the connected citizen. Together we can change things. Because thanks to your motivation and initiative throughout 2016, we have been able to achieve a very important task: reaching more than 6,400 people directly and almost 30,000 indirectly through 346 ICT awareness and training activities in 28 different provinces Of all Spain, awareness events, international forums, online training webinars or coverage Social Networks and other media. We have been able to collaborate with 130 social entities and educational centers that work with groups of attention: Minors, Youth, families, teachers, people with functional diversity, people with low vision, women, migrants, people at risk of social exclusion, people in situation of Unemployment, rural people, seniors, single parent families, people rehabilitated from drug addiction situations, mental health organizations, people with rare diseases, ex-prisoners, homeless people, NGO staff, social counselors, corporate volunteers, among others.

We want to spread our cyberoptimism. Because things can be changed. This is demonstrated by the daily work of hundreds of cybervolunteers who have shared their time and knowledge, who have approached their communities, who have offered training and support to many Associations and small local organizations teaching them to use technological tools that have generated a social impact . The cybervolunteers start a chain of social innovation that begins by detecting and attending to the specific needs of the people. For all this, and for much more we want to thank you. Yes, definitely in 2017 we will continue to work for the social use of technology. In fact we have already prepared a total of 59 activities in the first quarter of 2017. Look at all we have achieved together:

- New organizations and educational centers registered on the web from June to now: 130.

- Competencias en Positivo: 10 actions in University and Educational Centers, to work and sensitize towards participation in volunteering and how this field is totally educational and field by which a series of basic professional, social and personal competences are acquired.

- Integra en Red: 93 actions with entities that work with people with functional diversity or mental health.

- InnovadorasTIC: 45 actions with different entities of women to work the employability, emprendimiento and access to the technology

- Stop Think Connect: 119 training activities with the best, young people, families and teachers to work in the field of digital security and prevention of virtual harassment. In addition, we have offered 10 webinars on topics of cybersecurity with a total of 1,455 attendees.

- Evoluciona en Red: 45 initiatives of digital formation, directed to entities of senior people.

- Actions with entities working migrants: 8 actions in 6 different entities

- Others: 26 actions among which are social action entities for the struggle of social and political injustices, unemployed people, face-to-face training for the incorporation of new cyber-volunteers, etc.

We added here the great success of participation of the X Edition of #empoderaLIVE, which was trending topic at national level and was held on the 20th and 21st at the Echegaray Theater in Malaga. The event of international reference in social innovation that this year has focused on the civic technology as motor of social change and the role of enterprising and brave women as promoters of that change in the whole world. In October we also launched the new free and collaborative publication "Civic Technology: The Social Innovation ecosystem", which has so far more than 10,000 downloads and which has interviews and experiences of organizations and projects that generate Social impact around the world.

For all this and more, thank you!. You are many and we can not name one by one, but we wish you the best for the year 2017, which awaits you full of illusion, new projects and cyberoptimism. Citizen empowerment can’t stop.

  •   22/12/2016