Innovadoras TIC: Cristina Aranda, co-founder of MujeresTech

We are launching a new serie of experiences in Innovadoras TIC with Cristina Aranda, co-founder of MujeresTech and head of business development at Intelygenz, who tells us what prompted her to take the plunge into the technological community. Through MujeresTech Cristina promotes the presence of women in the digital sector by developing entrepreneurship workshops and giving visibility to women of all ages.

Innovadoras TIC is a program of Fundación Cibervoluntarios that aims to promote and make visible the capacity of entrepreneurship and innovation of women through ICT with practical examples of women who are making a difference in this field along different parts of Spain.

Innovadoras TIC wants to break with the idea that technology "is not for girls" and value real experiences of women entrepreneurs in the technology sector.